Immaculate Contraption

As a lamp builder, I see everything as a potential lamp or source of light. With the development of digital projectors people are starting to use projected moving imagery as a lighting source to great effect, indoors and out. With projected lighting in mind I assembled this short piece as part of a much longer  loop that might be used in a cafe, home or building lobby, or perhaps at an artistic, theatrical or musical event.....with or without a soundtrack. Adding light and atmosphere to a space. 

  Live and Learn

A song I wrote a few years ago. Once again using it as a vehicle to bring my own visuals and sounds together.   

  Spare What You Can

This piece was inspired by a song written by my friend Enrico Renz. He has books full of great songs he has written. Not too bad of a singer and player also. He wrote this song over 10 years ago and still had not gotten around to recording it. I hounded him for years to do so and finally did my own take on it. From the first time I heard him do it I was struck by its amazing potential and relevance. Timeless actually. He so kindly gave me his go ahead to put my version out into the world.  

  Losing Winning

This is my second video. I am slowly learning the process and utilizing my own sounds and images. 

  Ending and Beginning

 This is my first attempt at digital editing. Working with my own sounds and images. The original idea was to try and document the hundreds of images  and objects I have made. This short piece made me realize how much I have to learn about the editing process. It also has caused me to opt for a series of short 5 to 7 minute pieces instead of and epic.

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